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Call for Exhibitors with

“New Normal” Lifestyle Goods Fair

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Increasing Demand

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle drastically. And this has increased the demand of products that match our “New Normal” lifestyle.

[Before Covid-19]
“Go to the office everyday”
“Go to pubs and bars to drink”
“Work out in a gym”
“Go out on weekends”

[After Covid-19]
“Work from home”
“Drink at home with family”
“Work out at home”
“Staycation, family time”

[High Demand Products]
PC accessories, gadgets, chairs, desks, etc.
Glasses, Utensils, Wine, Snacks, etc.
Yoga mats, dumbbells, balance balls, etc.
Aroma diffusers, board games, hobby & craft, etc.

Many companies are making inroads into this new lifestyle segment!

Following such trends, major Japanese companies such as SONY, SHARP, and fashion/sports apparel brands such as MIZUNO, FirstRetailing(UNIQLO),
ONWARD, etc. have recently launched a new business sector for this field.

Who Exhibits? (Exhibitors)

[Remote Working]

PC Accessories, Gadgets, Home Office Products, etc.

[Infection Control]

Stylish Face Masks, Sterilization/Hygiene Products, etc.

[Staying Home]

Glasses, Utensils, Hobby & Craft Kits, etc.


Ornamental Foliage Plants, Aroma Fragrances, etc.


Yoga Mats, Fitness/Exercise Goods, Supplements, etc.

[Family Time]

Board Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Home Schooling Goods, etc.

Strong Industry Demand

Many retailers are setting up specialized areas and pop-ups focusing on “New Normal” Lifestyle Goods in their stores. They target this market as a key segment to recover from the business damage caused by COVID-19.

[Retailers featuring New Normal Lifestyle Goods]

Many big retail chains such as Nitori, BIC CAMERA, TOKYU HANDS, HIMARAYA Sports, The LOFT set up special zones of “New Normal Lifestyle Goods” in their stores.
All of these retailers send their buyers our shows every year.

Exhibit Now!

To tackle this New Normal Lifestyle market and to meet the buyers, we strongly recommend you to exhibit!

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