Made in Japan - Japanese Craftsmanship - Special Feature

Bringing traditional Japanese techniques and materials into modern lifestyle! Introducing masterpieces of artisan craftsmanship!

Imabari Towel Handkerchief

Embroidered handkerchief made of Imabari towel. OEM options are also available in small quantities.

Company:HAIMEN Co.,LTD.
Exhibition:GIFTEX - Gifts & Interior Expo -

Urushi Lacquered Stainless Steel Cup (Shi-moa)

This drinkware features a blend of innovation and tradition, expertly lacquered by skilled craftsmen from the Niigata, Ishikawa, and Fukui Prefectures. It comes with Echizen washi paper coasters, elegantly packaged in a Kiri (paulownia) wood box.

Company:ASAHI Co.,LTD.
Exhibition:Table & Kitchenware Expo

Electromagnetic Wave Protection Sticker

When applied to a smartphone, this EM sticker actively reduces damage from electromagnetic waves. The HAPPY TALK series has been on the market for 15 years, boasting 7 million units sold!

Exhibition:GIFTEX - Gifts & Interior Expo -

Light and Airy Layered Striped Scarf

Experience the luxurious touch of this lightweight and soft scarf, intricately woven with a blend of smooth bamboo rayon and cotton-silk-like fabric. Highly absorbent and breathable for maximum comfort, it features vibrant colors inspired by traditional Japanese hues.

Company:ORIM Co.,LTD.
Exhibition:Fashion Goods & Accessories Expo

Tsumekenbido® Natural Nail Care Line

Tsumekenbido's non-chemical base products are formulated to nurture nails in a healthy & natural way. The main product, "Nail Inner Skincare," is the first nail serum to incorporate mastic resin, a renowned ingredient promoting natural nail growth. 

Company:TSUMEKENBIDO Association
Exhibition:Health & Beauty Goods Expo

Grilled and Shredded Salmon

Grilled and shredded Hokkaido salmon from KANEYOSHI maintains its natural flavor through moisture adjustment during the roasting process, with no use of soy protein.

Exhibition:Good Foods Expo

StellaFelix Denim Tent

A heavy-duty, Made-in-Japan denim tent, expertly woven to outperform ordinary outdoor tents.

Company:Benny’s outDoor
Exhibition:GIFTEX - Gifts & Interior Expo -

Haribako (Pasted Box)

These exquisite boxes are brought to you by the Daio Group, a company specialising in plastic-free, environmentally conscious products with a focus on design aesthetics. 

Exhibition:Sustainable Goods Expo

Mini Tote Bag

This cute tote bag is crafted using durable polyester canvas, sustainably sourced from recycled PET bottles. 

Company:M.I.C. Co., Ltd.
Exhibition:Fashion Goods & Accessories Expo