July 3-5 ,2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
July 3 (Wed) – 5 (Fri), 2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

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Your gateway to the HUGE fandom merchandise market!

"Merch Collection Expo" brings together diverse fan communities under one roof.
Our inspiration stems from the Japanese word 推し活 (Oshi-katsu), a term that has captured the essence of fan culture in Japan. 

Oshi-katsu refers to the activities and merchandise associated with supporting one's favorite idols, sports teams, characters, anime, and more. Recognizing the rapid growth of this market and its appeal beyond idol fandom, we set out to create a unique trade show experience that caters to fans of all kinds. 

A B-to-B tradeshow gathering all kinds of goods and OEM services for fandoms of all kinds, from sports to idols and anime!

Merch Collection Expo is a platform to showcase the vibrant world of fandom, offering a curated selection of collectible merchandise and OEM services.

Enter the HUGE fandom = "Oshi-katsu market!"

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OSHIKATSU - Merch Collection Expo Tokyo [July] is concurrently held with:

LIFESTYLE Week is Held 3 Times a Year!


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*VIP: For those whose job titles are Manager or above.