Japan's largest "B-to-B" trade show for baby & kids' items gathered from all over the world.

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12th Baby & Kids Expo Tokyo [July]

A "B-to-B" trade show gathering baby & kids' items such as fashionwear, toys, and nursing products from all over the world.

Baby & Kids Expo Tokyo is Japan's largest* trade show gathering every baby and kids' items, fashionwear, toys, nursing products, strollers, dad products, maternity goods, etc.
Gathering exhibitors from all around the world, importers, wholesalers, retailers and buyers from across the world are attracted. In addition, following the trends, buyers from major Japanese lifestyle shops and gift shops gather too. Also, it is the best place to find OEM/ODM partners.

"Largest" in reference to the exhibitor number and the net exhibit space of trade shows with the same concept.

Exhibition Outline

Show Name: 12th Baby & Kids Expo Tokyo [July]
Organiser: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
Dates: July 8(Wed)-10(Fri), 2020 
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm (last day until 5:00pm)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

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Exhibitor / Visitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

● Maternity Apparel ● Nursing Goods ● Baby Gifts/Products ● Toddler Products ● Strollers, Prams, Car Seats ● Baby Carriers ● Baby/Toddler/Kids Fashion ● Items for Dads ● Toys, Educational Aids ● Bedding, Furniture, Room Décor   etc.

Visitor Profile

● Specialty Stores ● Department Stores ● Toy Stores ● Gift Shops ● Select Shops ● Online Stores ● Apparel Stores ● Interior Shops ● Lifestyle Shops ● Mass Retailers ● Drug Stores ● Stationery Stores ● Book Stores ● Importers/Distributors ● Wholesalers ● Manufacturers ● Overseas Buyers ● SP Agents   etc.

“Special Exhibit Zones” held inside 12th Baby & Kids Expo Tokyo [July]

Maternity & Baby Care Zone

Maternity Wears, Maternity Cosmetics, Baby Care Cosmetics, Products for Stretch Marks, Maternity Wears, Sunscreens, Healthy Foods, Water Servers, etc.

Baby & Kids' Wear Zone

Baby&Kids apparel : Clothes, Buntings, Hats, Shoes, Underwears, Pajamas, Tights & Socks, Dresses, etc.

Mom & Dad Goods Zone

Slings, Diaper Bags, Diapers, Baby Bottles, Bibs, Nursing Covers, etc.

Baby & Kids' Living Zone

Beds, Lights, Chairs, Shelves, Carpets, Beddings, etc.

LIFESTYLE Week held three times a year!

Show Schedule for Next 3 Years