Sep.25(Wed)-27(Fri),2024  INTEX Osaka , Japan 

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A “B-to-B” trade show gathering all kinds of food and beverage gifts from all over the world.

Newly launched in 2022 LIFESTYLE Week Osaka [September]. The show gathers a wide variety of foods and beverages from all over the world for luxurious gifts. Both visitors and exhibitors are expected to gather from all over Japan (especially western Japan), Asia, and other countries.

To Exhibit

LIFESTYLE Week is Held 3 Times a Year!


*The 2024 version is scheduled to be released around June.

      Each person has to bring his/her own Visitor

      Ticket for entry.

      * JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.

      - List of Pevious Exhibitors

      - Updated Floor Plan

      - Cost Estimate                 ...etc.